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by The journey Ramino - 4 years, 10 months ago

While Rami went to Estonia for the weekend, I was happy to realize I have several days to do what I want. And after my unsuccessful visit to Wien (I tried hitchhiking, but apparently you REALLY have to have a girl with you for that), I've decided to change my route and go to Olomouc early. Now, close to Olomouc, in Dub nad Moravou, lives my friend – one of many I met during my travels around Europe. And she decided to battle that fear each and every one of us travelers have – that our friends are too scattered around the world, we will never be able to hang out with all of them. So she invited everyone to visit her village in Czech Republic, „the heart of Europe“. She welcomed me amongst the first – in Olomouc, the historical capital of Moravia. I have to say, I didn't find it that interesting, but the importance it once had is clearly visible. It is really hard to make a city stand up in a country where all the main connections are between the two biggest cities: Prague and Brno. So, in the modern times, Olomouc started to lose its significance, ambience and even people. After a short tour around the city (during which we did a lot of circles), it came time to go to our final destination: a town covering around 15km2, with slightly above 1500 people living there – Dub nad Moravou. Personally, I would never suggest to ANYONE to come and visit it, if you have no friends and/or family living there. Not that I have anything against the city – but there is literally nothing happening there for a young person, except for clear air and countryside-like ambience. And the big church. During our stay we mainly enjoyed the best of homemade Czech cuisine, conversations and nature. We even made a short trip to Benov where my friend's father raises horses – which we got to ride! We, of course, tried many beers, wines and homemade alcohol, as well. The most amusing night was one of the last ones: we decided to gaze upon the stars drinking whatever alcohol people brought from their homes. The place was on a riverbank, next to a dam, with murmur of river covering any other sound we might find inappropriate for the occasion. When we had finally decided it was time to go home, a couple of us saw an opportunity for a free party – so we crashed a birthday party happening on an open space close by. We drank some more alcohol, after which we were „politely“asked to leave. Not wanting to end the night be continued to enjoy a typical Czech tradition: drinking on a bus stop! Apparently, in the country, the bus stops are places where you can see everyone coming in and out of your town/village thus people prefer staying there having fun. At some point, we even saw our birthday-party-friends going past us in a bus. Very soon people started to leave, having obligations in their home countries, and I ventured to Prague leaving behind my short and fun adventure in Moravia. Written by Dino

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