Awesome czech Christmas traditions!

by Electra Mar - 4 years, 10 months ago

So I was lucky enough to spend my last Christmas in a very small Czech village with some lovely people who invited me in their home and acquainted me to their local Christmas traditions. Here are my highlights: 1. Walnut boats. Each person opens up a walnut, eats the inside and uses the shell as material for a boat. They then take a small candle (or cut a bigger one) and melt the bottom so that when it cools down it sticks in the inside of the shell. When it’s steady, they take a big pot full of water and each person lights their candle and places their “boat” in the water. From where each boat goes and which stays close to which, you make predictions about the relations next year. 2. Tiny metal sculptures. We fill up a big pot with cold water. Each person takes a turn and grabs a spoon. You put some small metal balls on it and hold a lighter under it till the balls melt. When they become completely liquid, you quickly drop them in the pot of water where the re-shape into something completely new and weird. You grab your new accidental sculpture and make predictions about the next year according to the shape. Mine looked like a dragon, so that’s definitely good! 3. Fish scales. The traditional Czech christamas dinner is trout! So when the cook cleans the fish, they put one fish scale underneath each attendant’s plate. Later, they will all put it in their wallet and keep it for the whole year. It is supposed to bring you economical comfort!

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