Back to the north to feel the real summer!

by The journey Ramino - 4 years, 9 months ago

After so many projects with EU program Youth in Action it was time to finally organize one as well and that’s the reason why I had to go for a weekend to Tallinn, Estonia at the beginning of August. At first we planned to visit Belarus so it would be on the way but in the end we decided to go for West Europe so I had to leave Dino to enjoy Czech beauties when I was heading towards the north with my new friend Marketa.


Thanks to last summer I already visited Baltic countries but it was nice to come again and bring the memories back. We took a never-ending bus from Prague to Riga where we had just 30 min to change to another bus straight to Tallinn. Believe me, 27h in a bus is not your dream. I think we went through every village in Poland when we finally moved faster. Next time I will fly or hitch-hike! 


We arrived very late so we headed straight to sleep. Next day in the morning the main organizer took us to her youth centre where we could admire how many activities they do for children. Few hours of dealing with the project were enough so let’s go to explore Tallinn! The Estonian group took us first to, believe it or not, the Pirita beach! Yes, in the north they can swim too especially when the weather gets crazy like this summer. Unfortunately, till the rest of the trip we couldn't feel summer much so in Estonia it was the last time before coming back to Valencia when I could jump to the sea. Later we were invited for a dinner in a Moldovan restaurant. For no reason in the city centre there are restaurants with a big variety of cuisines. With full bellies and one volunteer guide we started to walk through the small streets of the old town which always reminds me of Prague. Because there are no cars allowed we saw many bike taxis. Our guide’s brother was working in one and so he could make us a small tour around the main square for free. After watching him for some time I realized that he is not actually putting much effort in biking and he told us the secret of electric bikes. Unfortunately we were too tired to experience the nightlife but we saw a lot of nice places with nargile and one very cheap souvenir shop in the Viru street.


The next day we had to wake up early because we had to reach 100 km to get to the children’s camp VIHASOO in Lahemaa National Park. When we arrived the kids were already awake running around and checking who are the new visitor is. Except of Estonians and Russians, we found even few kids from Canada, England and USA. It seems like this place is very popular destination and we liked it as well. The small wooden houses, shelves full of board games, seaside just 200m from the camp and delicious food - everything to make your summer unforgettable. Half of the people had to go already but we stayed a bit longer and used the opportunity to swim again.


After we came back to the city I was trying to find the massive pancakes in Kompressor which I tasted last year to show them to Marketa. I tried to guess where is it and to my own surprise I found it by memory but just to be sure I checked my favorite “Like A Local” map where you have a lot of cool tips from locals. You can find it in tourist offices or in the hostels. Everything has to come to the end and we have to get ready to our long way back but this time I had something else in my mind – the group of my dear friends waiting for me in Prague to celebrate my birthday!


Written by Rami

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