The cheapest ride in the sky

by Harry Mitsidis - 4 years, 6 months ago

The geography of La Paz makes it indeed a unique place. In fact it is two places - El Alto, at the top of the mountain, is the location of the airport and notably poorer, and La Paz proper is further down, as the valley gradually lowers. El Alto is at an altitude of above 4000 meters - breathing can be tough if you have just arrived. The highway linking these two is a roundabout way through the mountain, taking at least half an hour, especially if you are deep below in La Paz, where the modern part of town starts. But this is where a great opportunity exists. Cable cars. Inaugurated mainly this year, with a total of five lines to come once the project is complete, these incredible contraptions link La Paz and El Alto quickly and efficiently, while offering incredible views at almost no cost - the ride is 3 Bolivians, which is around 40 cents. Swiss-built, a cabin arrives at each station every few seconds. The photos here are from the yellow line, which is possibly the easiest one to take if you are based in the modern part of La Paz.

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