Tour around Tacna

by Harry Mitsidis - 4 years, 6 months ago

I was only going to spend an hour or so in pleasant Tacna, the southernmost town in Peru. But then, right by the Cathedral, to my great surprise, I saw a double-decker tour bus. Tour bus in Tacna? It was just about to leave, and I was in no rush, so on this rare occasion I went along with a large group of Chileans and off we were. Apart from a glimpse of the town itself, the tour takes in a local winery which provided enough alcohol intake for me to tipsy for the rest of the tour. Then we went to the site of some ancient hieroglyphs, which are certainly worth a look - and there is a flimsy bridge which provides some 'excitement' while crossing it. Finally, the tour goes to some thermal baths at the foot of the hills, where one can also try the local specialty - corn with cheese (a weird combination, admittedly, but the corn was excellent). Tacna is much better than I expected and being close to Chile provides for good shopping and also good eating options. If you have a join between dreadful Arica and Tacna - it's no contest really, Tacna is cheaper, friendlier and better in all respects.

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