Practical guide to Liège

by The journey Ramino - 4 years, 5 months ago

After a nice time with Sung in Antwerpen it was time to move on to our next destination. It was supposed to be either Leuven or Liege but in the end the decision was made to explore Liege. Luckily we got more than one positive answers from CSers there, so we were finally the ones making the choice! And we went with a young local called Ju. Even though he had no CS experience he seemed nice so we felt we should give him an opportunity to be his first guests.


Getting out of Antwerpen wasn’t that hard. Two businessmen decided to enjoy our company for a few hours, on their way to Maastricht. Pity, because this Dutch city was in our plan for the day after tomorrow. I think if we knew what the future held, maybe we would have let the two men drive us straight to their destination. This way after we got out of the car, we were faced with the unpleasant reality. Asking every car at the gas station while holding the sign at the same time, in the exit, didn’t help us. It was getting dark too soon so we were quite screwed up. We have already written Ju that we’re probably not going to make it that night and we hid ourselves inside because it was getting very cold. Enter, the hero - our amazing host came up with an even more amazing idea to pick us up! It took him 40min to come and 40min to go back, yet it didn’t stop him. This is what I call a dedicated couchsurfer. When we arrived home Ju even made us dinner and decided to take the next day off from work to show us around.


To be honest, there is not much to see in Liege. The city is great for living and going out but unfortunately we had only one morning so we couldn’t experience it fully. But it being our last day in Belgium, we had to try the famous waffles and Belgian fries. Waffles were a nice sweet snack but when we ordered the fries in Friterie du Perron we were amazed. We chose a medium-sized portion but when the cook was filling the paper cone it looked like it is never going to end. The huge amount of fries was gone very fast not only because it was so yummy but as well thanks to the delicious dressing spread all around.


So what is there to see in Liege? First we walked around Montagne de Bueren, long stairway with 374 steps, but as we couldn’t see the end we decided to walk up through small streets around to Coteaux de la Citadelle. We enjoyed a nice view of the city after which we got lost and found the way back again before continuing down to the city centre. During our stay we passed the Place Saint-Lambert (square) many times but this time Ju had time to tell us a short story about the place. There was standing St. Lambert's Cathedral on this square until 1794, when its destruction began. Nowadays the square is empty but you can still see 16 iron columns representing the base of the cathedral. It is interesting to see that now there is a street going “through” the exact place where the huge bulding was situated. It also looks pretty cool on Google maps.


It was time to continue and before we said goodbye to Ju he showed us his hospitality for the last time and took us to our pre-selected spot found on Hitchwiki. He told us that we are welcome to come again (if he only knew we are going to come sooner that he expected). Hitch-hiking to Maastricht was tough. We were smiling to the cars with our thumbs up for several hours when a car finally pulled over. I tried communicating with the driver in poor French but apparently my French was very bad because we were left on a bridge above the highway just few kilometers further. The only interesting thing all around was a small village… During 1 hour only few cars passed by and only 3 of them were heading in our direction. And then the miracle happened. We got a lift from a professional meditator to the centre of Maastricht. We made it! This time...


To be continued...


Written by Rami

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