The twin city of Hyderabad

by Jorge Sanchez - 2 years, 8 months ago

I arrived in the evening to Secunderabad, by train, playing chess with my companions. In fact my destination was Hyderabad, city united to Secunderabad, only separated by the lake Hussain Sagar, but the train only stoped in Secunderabad, a city of about 200.000 inhabitants of which I did not know anything.Modern Secunderabad was founded by the British as a cantonment, and therefore has much less history and interest from a tourist point of view than Hyderabad. I resolved to spend that night in Secunderabad; I did not want to venture taking a night bus to Hyderabad to look there for a hotel.In the street, in front of Secunderabad railway station, there were several hundreds of Indians sleeping, on the floor, over blankets or simply over a cardboard. Then I went to the first floor of the train station, to the Retiring Rooms. Once there and thanks to my train ticket, I only paid 75 Rupees, or less than 1 Euro, and I got a modest room, with shower and toilets in the corridor, but it was OK to spend a few hours there, avoiding the mosquitoes, until dawn. There were about 20 rooms, separated by blankets, no much intimacy, but it was very cheap. There was a reception and your room was locked, until dawn, in order to avoid robberies. 

In the morning I planned to travel by bus to the neighbour city of Hyderabad to admire, for the second time (I had already been in Hyderabad the year 2000) the famous Charminar.In the morning, before catching a bus to Hyderabad, I had breakfast in Secunderabad and visited for about one hour the quarter close to the train station, that is the Catholic Church and several Hindu temples and muslim mosques.

The bus to Hyderabad was very cheap, but I had to sit down on the right of the bus. The left side was for ladies only.It is about half an hour by bus to reach Hyderabad. The journey is interesting and I could admire the Lake Hussain Sagar.


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