Goias has 2 worldheritage sites to offer

by Thomas Buechler - 4 years, 4 months ago

Just a short drive north of Brasilia, you will find this incredibly beautiful National Park that is a part of the Unesco family, it’s called Chapada dos Veadeiros;  entrance is from  the village of San Jorge where you can choose from different paths to trek, depending on the seaon, we have chosen a track about 10km return to  some very nice waterfall  (Salto II of the Black river)  and natural pools for swimming. I recommend to stay in Alto Paraiso, there are many pousadas there waiting for tourists!  Just make sure that you take the direct road from Brasilia, and dont ever attempt to pass Flores de Goias, eventhough the roads are on the map! It was a nightmare of a road, often looking rather  like a riverbed, with no signboards, and even the navigation system did not work any longer, taking us about 5 hours longer than planned, but a real adventure.

Cidade  de Goias is yet another world heritage town in Brazil that became rich with gold. Up to the middle of the 20th century it was the capital city of Goias which was at that time the second biggest Brazilian state (after Amazonas), that was of course  before Tocantins and Brasilia split away. It’s also known  as Goias Velho,  and lies magically  in the Serra Dourrado hills. We chose to spend the night close to the river and the historical bridge, and were not dissappointed with the view from the balcony to the old city. The best thing to do is a stroll on these cobbled streets  lined with beautiful townhouses, maybe in direction  to the Museu das Bandeiras where a local guide will explain you the rich history of this building.

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