Dramatic landscapes and canyons at Talampaya National Park

by Thomas Buechler - 4 years, 4 months ago

The  "Parque Nacional Talampaya" is all about bizarre rock formations and erosion by water, forming a dramatic landscape of red hills over a period of millions of years. Interesting fossils were found here as well, and your guide will point them out for you. In the middle of the gorge is a refreshing, leafy spot, what they call the Botanical garden, and at this place the tours usually make a break, and snacks are served, together with some welcome Argentine white wine. You can tour the Park  either in a truck like vehicle, or in a minivan; it’s recommended to take the truck, as it’s much for fun and you can stand on your seat like during a safari in Africa.The tour takes about 2 hours.  It’s not possible to drive around in the park with your own vehicle. The Canon de Talampaya is rising at one point to 143 meters, and the gorge narrows to 80 meters, so the landscape is quite spectacular. From La Rioja the "Facundo" bus leaves exactly at 7am to the entrance of the National Park, and very conveniently has a return trip at 3pm. The rather pricey entrance tickets can be bought at the information center, but during peak season, and especially if you don’t stay overnight, I would advise to purchase them online.

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