Tsarist-Era Buildings in Blagoveshchensk

by Jorge Sanchez - 2 years, 4 months ago

Not long ago a journalist and writer from New York (Ian Frazier, in his book Travels in Siberia) affirmed upon his trip to Blagoveshchensk that, after Saint Petersburg, Blagoveshchensk is the most beautiful city in Russia.

I do not agree. That journalist probably had not visited lovely Russian cities such as those around Moscow forming the Golden Ring, or even Tobolsk and Irkutsk, across the Urals.

But indeed, Blagoveshchensk, which name means Annunciation, must be among the top ten most prettiest cities in Russia. Its situation on the banks of the River Amur (the tenth longest river in the world) facing the Chinese city of Heihe (in Heilongjiang province), makes it the most exotic city-border in Russia.

I specially loved the XIX and early XX centuries houses along Lenin street and places around. My favorite is the Institute of Geology and Wildlife Management building (see first picture). On its walls hangs a bust devoted to the visit to Blagoveshchensk of Anton Chekhov during his long journey to Sakhalin Island in 1890.

Here I show ten of the most impressive buildings that I visited. Some are universities, museums, a theater, government houses, and some are even inhabited by citizens or transformed into book stores or restaurants (for instance the Chinese restaurant Pekinskaya Utka building).

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