The Big Hole

by Harry Mitsidis - 5 years, 1 month ago

The museum at The rather suggestively named Big Hole offers a bit of everything and is certainly worth a visit. The Big Hole was in fact a mine - one that developed in the diamond rush and expanded beyond imagination - and can be visited today, with the skyline of Kimberley in the distance. The complex also has a reconstructed village of the time, which very well encapsulates the atmosphere of how it was. There is also a carefully guarded diamond vault, where you can see some of the treasures that made so many greedy people come here, and so many unfortunate workers perish in dire conditions. The tour includes a visit underground and even a simulated explosion. One of the best museum complexes I have been to, and there is a nice pub in the spirit of the time where you can have lunch.

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