Feel I’m going back to Massachusetts

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 5 months ago

I was travelling from Florida to Massachusetts, hitch hiking. The first driver dropped me in Saint Augustine and invited me to his house where I spent a couple of days visiting the first city founded in USA. Spaniards built a fortress that I also visited. Then the next driver took me to Charleston, in South Carolina, and again I was invited to share his house during three days, in which I visited the old mansions of that pretty city. After Charleston I again hitchhiked and a young man, having finished the Army, returned home, in Boston, but it was already evening and planned to sleep along the way. I said to him: - Let us continue to Boston. I will give you conversation and you will not feel tired. Then, in that precise moment, in the radio we heard the song by the Bee Gees: “Feel I’m going back to Massachusetts”, and he exclaimed: - It is a sign! Let us go directly to Boston! And thus he drove all the night long, only stopping for coffee from time to time. We reached Boston the next day early in the morning and we separated. I asked to some homeless people seating in a bench for the Salvation Army, where I would stay for a few days, in which I would get to know Boston. After that I continued my journey around USA, hitch hiking, this time heading to the West, to Washington State.

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