The Stone Town

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 6 months ago

Zanzibar is one of the loveliest Swahili islands. This fact plus the proximity to Dar el Salaam and easy access by boat has made it very popular among travellers. When you arrive at the port you have to pass through immigration, as if it was another country. In fact, together with Tanganyika, the present country of Tanzania was formed in 1964 ('Tan' from Tanganyika and 'Zania' from Zanzibar). After immigrations many young boys will be waiting for you offering cheap accommodation. During three days I admired the main tourist attractions of the Stone Town, as is called the most historical part of Zanzibar City, which is a UNESCO Patrimony of the Humankind.. I saw many beautiful wooden doors, women with exotic clothes, and an eastern atmosphere. I visited the fortress, the House of Wonders, several mosques and the Catholic Cathedral, the house where David Livingstone lived, the old slave market, and many historical houses constructed during the XIX century. Other Swahili Islands where you will notice less foreigner’s presence are: - Lamu, in Kenya - Mozambique (an island north of Mozambique country, near the border with Tanzania) - Moroni, in Grand Comoro, in the Comoros archipelago.

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