The old Rzeczpospolita territory

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 6 months ago

Lithuania was the country that impressed me more out of the three Baltic estates: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. There is a nice and cheap youth hostel in Vilnius, the capital of the Lithuania, in Filaretu Street number 17. I remember that to get there I took the bus number 34 from the railway station (I advise you to travel by train within the three Baltic States). Vilnius historical centre has been declared Patrimony of Humankind by the UNESCO. During the week that I spent in Vilnius I visited the castle, the University, witch was founded by the Jesuits in the XVI century, and a palace and several catholic churches. There was a time when Lithuania, together with Poland, formed a sort of confederation called Rzeczpospolita, which embraced a large territory from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, comprising fragments of present Byelorussia, Ukraine and Russia. Based in Vilnius I made one day pleasant excursions to interesting places nearby, such as Kaunas, the old Lithuanian capital, at about 100 kilometers distance, and Trakai, at about 30 kilometers of Vilnius, where there is a lovely castle from the XIV century in an island within a lake. Vilnius is a very convenient place to obtain visas for Byelorussia and Ukraine, and they are issued practically on the spot.

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