Hitchhiking from Key West to Mexico

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 4 months ago

In Miami I loved the overwhelming Spanish atmosphere. In some shops of Little Havana was written: We also speak English. I heard these funny phrases of Spanglish: Que tal te fue la school today? Tomatelo con take it easy! Or: Cuidado que no se caiga el baby por la window! I visited the Spanish St Bernard’s Monastery that had been brought, stone after stone, numerated, from Segovia, in Spain. Sleeping in the beach of Miami Beach I made friendship with a beautiful Quebecoise traveller wearing some flowers in her hair, Francine, who was also hitchhiking around North America. We both felt such a harmony towards each other that decided to continue our vagabonding together to Mexico. She worked in a Theatre of Montreal but one day she felt very strongly that something was lacking in her monotonous activities; her soul was slowly dying in life, and resolved to take a Sabbatical year to travel and live passionately, like a fool. After spending some romantic days in Key West we headed to New Orleans hitchhiking.

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