The country of the three “S”

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 5 months ago

I have visited several times Helsinki, in Finland, the country of Jean Sibelius, on my way to or from Russia. Russians say that Finland is the country of the 3 "S": Sibelius, Sauna, and "Seliodka", which in Russian language means herrings, and in Finland they are delicious (try them with wine sauce!). In my opinion, the first Helsinki tourist attraction is the impressive Lutheran Cathedral. The Russian Cathedral is also worth a visit (Finland obtained independence from Russia only in 1918). Boats in Finland are very cheap, and since I am almost always short of money when travelling, in Finland, instead of paying a hotel, which is expensive, I always prefer to take nightly boats to any place to sleep in the sofas and have showers, as for instance to Aland, or from Helsinki from Turku, or Tallinn, or Stockholm, which tickets are really very cheap, and inside the ferries are showers, tax free shops, discos and games. So, at the same time that I save money, I save time and visit more places.

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