Crossing Maine in a Greyhound bus

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 5 months ago

The previous night I had slept in Moncton, New Brunswick. In the morning I hitchhiked in direction to the border with Maine, in USA, but could only get to Fredericton, because when approaching the border people are reluctant to pick you up in their cars; they are afraid that you might be an outlaw or a smuggler. Therefore in Fredericton I boarded a Greyhound bus to Portland, in Maine. I noticed that at the border several Canadians were turned down and were not allowed to enter USA. Some of them did not know that they need passport to cross the country. I showed my passport expecting trouble because I was travelling on the top bottom conditions, almost without money, but the customs agents just stamped my passport and did not ask me anything, even my ticket out of the country. We spent a lot of time in that border crossing because of the many Canadians trying to get into USA. When I arrived to Portland it was already night and the Greyhound bus station would close its premises, not allowing homeless people to sleep inside, then I walked around, asked to some beggars for the Salvation Army and spend the night there, warm, because outside was very cold. In the morning, after visiting for a few hours Portland, I continued my journey hitchhiking and reached New Hampshire state.

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