Atlantic City

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 5 months ago

I was in New York broke, earning money as I could washing dishes in Spanish restaurants in Greenwich Village to buy a ticket back to Spain. Then one day I saw the advertisement of a casino in Atlantic City, in New Jersey, where I could go for free, just had to buy the bus ticket for 20 US Dollars, but once there that money would be refunded. I had nothing to do that day, just eating for free in a Salvation Army in the Bowery and sleeping in a great stadium together with hundreds of homeless people. So I went there together with some friends, Puertoricans and Mexicans, also customers of the stadium and the Salvation Army. There were many casinos in Atlantic City; that looked Las Vegas or Reno in Nevada. We went to one of them, the one that would give the reimbursement of the 20 US Dollars and spent most of the day there, drinking cocktails for free and watching how people enjoyed losing money at the roulette. In the evening we came back to New York City, in time for the dinner at the Salvation Army and the bus which would take us to the Stadium to sleep. It had been a nice one day excursion.

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