Rainbow Row in Charleston

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 5 months ago

Hitchhiking from Miami with destination Montreal, in Quebec, Canada, a car picked me up in Saint Augustine, Florida, and dropped me in Charleston, South Carolina. It was already 5 PM and resolved to spend the night in that city and, at the same time, would admire its beautiful colonial houses. I then entered in the Tourist Information Office and saw a message of a boy offering his house to “intrepid travelers”. Thanks for the employee in that office I could telephone, and indeed, David, the owner, reconfirmed his offer, so I went to his house and was invited to spend three nights with a group of young people, who all were working in a restaurant as waiters and waitresses. All were potential travelers, and liked to listen to the exploits of travelers whom they invited to their house regularly, in order to get inspiration for their planned journeys in the future around the world. During three days I got to know well enough Charleston and its famous Rainbow Row. In the evenings we gathered several boys and girls to have romantic dinners by the beach, where we prepared a fire. The fourth day I thanked very much the hospitality of my friends and continued, hitchhiking, my journey to Canada.

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