Searching the Seven Cities of Cibola

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 5 months ago

The first time that I visited New Mexico was in 1984, while hitchhiking around the United States. I was coming from Colorado and a car dropped me in Santa Fe, where I spent one week, then I left to Albuquerque and entered Arizona, always hitchhiking. But nothing more of New Mexico visited. Another opportunity came in 2010, when I had less time but more money than in my previous visit and could afford traveling to other places around, such as Taos, by bus, and further to Taos Village walking (something that I did not know, but I had no car). Being Spanish, for me was fantastic place to be because Spaniards were the first European (and westerners) that travelled there in the search of mythical cities, called Seven Cities of Cibola. In Taos I could see painting of Francisco Vazquez de Coronado talking with the aboriginal people. Once in Taos Pueblo, in the reserve (I had to walk because no public transport and when I reached there I knew that it was forbidden to walk!). Back in Santa Fe I learnt that Pedro de Oñate was the first Governor of New Mexico. He established its capital near present Santa Fe. In the territory of the Catholic Cathedral, in Santa Fe, can be found the statue dedicated to Juan de Oñate. He also founded the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro (over 2500 kilometers), uniting Mexico D.F. with Santa Fe in New Mexico (which I was following from El Paso, in Texas, to Santa Fe). In Santa Fe I took the funny train “Rail Runner” to Albuquerque and one day later I continued my journey by bus to Phoenix, Arizona.

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