The Hell Angels in Las Vegas

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 4 months ago

I was hitch hiking around USA for a whole year. The driver who picked me up in Albuquerque, along the High Road number 40, was a man looking for a job in Las Vegas. I convinced him to stop first in Flagstaff and spend a couple of days admiring the Grand Canyon of Colorado. After that we drove to Las Vegas and stayed in the Salvation Army. All the street people knew the tricks to survive; there were casinos in Fremont Street where the food was free, in some we were invited to champagne, and in others they gave us tokens for free that afterwards we exchanged for cash. One evening I saw the Hell Angels with their striking motorcycles in an encampment in the desert, near our shelter. I felt closed to them and wanted to pay them a visit in the night, but the Reverend of the shelter prevented me from doing it because the shelter closed at 9 PM. Besides, Hell Angels rarely mix with the rest of the world. For them we are poor people without high ideals, and feel compassion for us. When I got tired of Las Vegas I hitchhiked until New York.

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