Kochi and Kerala on strike

by Wojciech Fedoruk - 4 years ago

Kerala is an Indian state that differs from others, especially neighboring Tamil Nadu. It is richer, cleaner and better organized. There are fewer homeless people and the streets are more friendly to pedestrians. The biggest city of Kerala is Kochi, placed on the shore of Arabian Sea. I stayed there for two days, planning to visit the city and famous Kerala backwaters. The most interesting part of Kochi is fort, established by Portuguese on the island at the beginning of XVI-th century. To reach the fort, I walked about 2 kilometers from the train station to the ferry terminal and then took the ferry for a fee of 5 rupees. The fort is quite nice and it is surrounded by beautiful colonial villas. There are also famous Chinese fishing nets and the church of St. Francis, where you can find former tomb of one of the most famous travelers – Vasco da Gama. Vasco da Gama was buried there for fourteen years but then his coffin was removed to Lizbon.

Unfortunately, I was not able to visit backwaters, as on that day Keralan Communist Party announced a general strike and I could not even find a boat to rent. So, after two days I headed by train to Goa.

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