The ruins of Hampi

by Wojciech Fedoruk - 2 years, 10 months ago

Hampi is one of the largest ruined cities in the world, inscribed at UNESCO World Heritage List. The place is the vestige of powerful Vijayanagara empire. Given the relatively short distance from Goa, the place is very popular and bustling with tourists. There are two ways to visit Hampi from Goa – by bus and by train. Although travelling by bus saves time (it is an overnight ride), I recommend taking a train, which is far more comfortable and allows to watch beautiful landscapes on the road.

Although Hampi requires a lot of maintenance work, there are plenty of well preserved buildings, such as Elephant Stables, Queen's Bath or Lotus Mahal. The symbol of Hampi is stone chariot, placed in the biggest Vittala Temple. It requires at least one full day to visit the place, however archeological maniac may spend there two or even three days.

Although the ruins were really impressive and worth visiting, I did not like Hampi. The place is a real tourist trap with lots of locals offering their services intrusively, a couple of restaurants serving western food and tourist attractions like sunset on top of the mountain (which is nice, but not exceptionally unique).

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