The greatest mall in USA

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 4 months ago

I entered Minnesota by Greyhound bus from Wisconsin, and stopped in Saint Paul, where I visited the cathedral and in front there was a statue of a soldier asking: Why you have forgotten us? I liked that statue, but was sad. After half day visiting Saint Paul I traveled to Minneapolis and stayed in the Salvation Army. It was cold and I was given a green parka. I would stay two nights in that Salvation Army because I made friendship with many Mexicans living there with an interesting life, who would give me good advice. Furthermore, the food was OK and clothes were given for free. One of the Mexican homeless, customer of the shelter, recommended me to visit the Mall of America which was, according to him, the greatest in USA. I listened to him and went there the next day, by train and, indeed, it was a huge Mall and enjoyed its visit. In the evening I came back to Minneapolis, in time, without missing the dinner, and the next day, after breakfast, I left for South Dakota.

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