Meeting Russian friends in Detroit

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 4 months ago

I arrived to Detroit by bus from Halifax, in Canada. I was coming from Saint Pierre et Miquelon, and after Detroit I would head to Atlanta, in Georgia, to fly to Bermuda. I had a reason to stop in Detroit: to meet friends that I have not met in many years. Sasha was working in General Motors, and his wife, Tania, taught private piano lessons to the children. Both were emigrants from Moscow, where I had known them. It was late, about 9 PM. From the Greyhound bus station I phoned my friends but nobody answered. I was worried because I had said to them by email that I would arrive, and they were supposed to wait for me. After trying several times, every 15 minutes, to contact them, at midnight I resolved to leave Detroit and take a bus to Atlanta. Besides, the atmosphere in that bus station was very depressing. The bus made a short stop in Toledo, Ohio, and then, with my last quarter I tried for the last time to phone my friends from a cabin in the bus station, and then they answered. I changed plans and went back to Detroit in the next available bus, at 6 AM. They were waiting for me in that bus station and brought me in their car to their house, in the outskirts of Detroit. There I would spend a couple of days visiting the town (mainly the Renaissance Center), which I did not consider attractive for a traveler. After that two-day rest with my friends, I boarded again the bus to Atlanta.

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