Stop in the Camino Real de Tierradentro

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 5 months ago

From Mazatlan I arrived to Durango after crossing some spectacular mountains. I had a reason to go to Durango. First because the name Durango is a city in Euskadi, (Basque Country) Spain, and its homonym in Mexico is due to a Spanish conquistador from the XVI century, the Captain Francisco de Ibarra, who was born near Durango, in Eibar (Vizcaya province), Spain. And second because in Sydney, a few months earlier (of the year 1983), I had worked in a restaurant together with a Gallego who advise me to visit Durango, where his brother lived, and where he would go soon. So I expected to meet there my friend, but his brother told me that he was still working in Australia. Anyway, I was invited to spend the night in his house and after having lunch I visited the town, where I did not find many tourists’ attractions, with the exception of its lovely cathedral. Many years later Durango would be included in the Camino Real de Tierradentro by the organization UNESCO. The next day I continued my journey to Mexico DF spending some days in the most interesting and historical cities of Mexico.

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