Paying respects to President Kennedy

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 5 months ago

I was in the school when suddenly the class was interrupted and all the teachers were commenting something with surprise and sadness. Then I learnt that USA President John Fitzgerald Kennedy had just been assassinated. It was the year 1963. The news about his death caused commotion in the whole world. Since then I have wanted to visit Dallas, Texas, the place where the crime took place. The opportunity appeared in the year 2010, while I was travelling by bus from Florida to Los Angeles, where I had to fly to Honolulu and then to Midway island, and resolved to spend half a day in Dallas to visit the place of the shooting. At the Dallas Greyhound bus station I asked the whereabouts of the place and was informed that two blocks ahead was the monument devoted to him, in Memorial Plaza. I immediately walked there and saw the huge memorial. I spent long time walking around the monument and discovering the buildings near that area. In the evening I boarded another bus with destination Taos, in New Mexico, in my way to Los Angeles, California.

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