Mumbai and its trains

by Wojciech Fedoruk - 2 years, 10 months ago

Mumbai is a huge city with beautiful downtown, full of colonial buildings erected by the British. The victorian style is present in many examples, but the most magnificent is Victoria Terminus, now renamed to Chhatrapati Sivaji Terminus, or simply CST. This train station is probably the most beautiful colonial building in the world. It is huge, with many sculptures, copules, and towers. The inside of the terminus is also interesting as it clearly represents the iron age. CST is still working and if you want to take a train to Goa or Kerala, you have to go there.

The thing I will always remember is Mumbai city trains. They are so crowdy that it is almost impossible for a foreigner to get in. I was helped by a newly met Indian friend, who new some useful tricks. But there were some passengers who travelled with one leg and one hand in the train, while the other ones were outside. This way of travelling is very dangerous and this is reflected in the statistics – every day people die in train accidents in Mumbai.

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