Pretty lake in Alūksne

by Harry Mitsidis - 6 years, 2 months ago

I came into Latvia on a dirt-road crossing from Estonia. I was running out of gas and just made the 20+ kms from the border to the town of Alūksne to fill up the tank. The town was being completely reconstructed, the roads were in dreadful shape all around town. The lake area is quite pretty though, ideal for a short stop before you head off somewhere else. Here is some info on the town from wikipedia: The Latgalian inhabitants of the settlement were conquered by the German crusaders of the Livonian Order in 1342[citation needed] . They built a castle named Marienburg (after Mary, the mother of Jesus) on a nearby island, which served to protect trade routes from Riga to Pskov. The town which developed near the castle also became known as Marienburg. Marienburg was captured by the troops of Ivan IV of Russia in 1560 during the Livonian War. It was incorporated into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1582. The town became part of the Swedish Empire in 1629.

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