Liepāja - Latvia's biggest port

by Harry Mitsidis - 6 years, 1 month ago

Liepāja is somewhat disappointing, especially if you come in from Klaipeda. It does have a certain air, it must be said, but that may not be a positive thing. When I was there in May 2013 the whole town was being renovated and so was rather messy. There is a promenade by one of the canals, and some of the old buildings there have been renovated to make for decent looking hotels. There is also a big park by the sea and some pretty buildings on the way. A few miles down the road is Karosta, which used to be entirely closed, and where you get a haunting sense of deterioration. If you want to feel what it is like to spend the night as a prisoner, this is where you can have this unique experience - pay to be mistreated! I wouldn't say Liepāja is on anybody's top list, but if you are passing by it is worth a stop I suppose.

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