Jongmyo Confucius Royal Shrine

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 4 months ago

Seoul is a pleasant town in spite of its 10 million inhabitants. Food is gorgeous and people most friendly. It is impossible not to love Korean people. Furthermore, Korea is cheaper than Japan. I caught a boat from Shimonoseki (in Japan) to Busan, in Korea, and visited the south of that country during a few days. Then I headed to its capital, Seoul, which I judged chaotic. I still remembered my first journey to that city back in the year 1982, and my impression was not too good. But this second time (2012) I found a nice city with gently people towards the foreigners. One of the visits that I made while in Seoul was to a UNESCO site, the Confucian shrine of Jongmyo. It was located at a walking distance from my hostel. Besides the shrine people were playing go and also chess, not western chess, but Chinese one, or Korean one. Chess is very popular in China and Korea. I learnt that the temple was erected at the end of the XIV century. I bought the entry ticket and went inside, where I spent about three hours visiting all its buildings. I was told that in that temple there are rituals, celebrations and services to the deceased, with dances with music, five times a year. But I was not lucky enough to coincide with those dates.

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