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  • 1. TheBestTravelled.com (TBT) is a traveller’s club with free membership. All users regardless of nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other qualities are welcome and accepted and in joining the club agree to respect the conditions stipulated below.

  • 2. The division of the world by TBT into 1281 regions represents a number of current geographical, cultural, political, population and other criteria and in no way is meant to support or endorse any political divisions or claims on territories, disputed or otherwise. Similarly, the naming of such regions is meant to represent the general standard for understanding and in no way implies agreement or endorsement of such names.

  • 3. TBT is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by its members. While TBT will do its utmost to monitor this information and keep up ethical standards of conduct and address omissions or false claims, TBT cannot be held responsible for false claims or information.

  • 4. TBT does not require the sharing of any sensitive personal information. TBT guarantees the safety of its users’ email addresses from misuse to the best of its ability. Under no circumstances will other retailers or TBT associates have access to any information shared between users and TBT.

  • 5. TBT may occasionally contact members by email to promote its own activities or inform its members of updates and new website features. Should you not wish to receive such communication, you will need to contact TBT in writing through the Contact Us feature available on the website.

  • 6. TBT strives to maintain the highest quality in terms of design and content. Under no circumstances will abuse of its creators or any members of the club be tolerated. Overt political statements, vulgar and inappropriate remarks and pictures of a pornographic nature are explicitly prohibited.

  • 7. TBT reserves the right to reject inappropriate materials submitted should they not comply with (6) above. TBT further reserves the right to slightly modify submitted written contributions in terms of grammar and styling without changing the meaning of the original submission.

  • 8. TBT more than welcomes stories and comments, however advertising of products or services before permission has been requested is not permitted.

  • 9. TBT has extensive links to all regions of the world. We strive to become the leader in links to non-commercial travel sites and personal blogs on the internet. Requests to accommodate commercial sites will be considered but we cannot guarantee inclusion of these. We strive to promote non-biased information on all the regions of their world and their beauty.

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