Ross Sea Antarctic Cruising

Organized by Heritage Expeditions

Tour dates:

Thursday 09/02/2017 - Wednesday 15/03/2017

On this special expedition we visit the Bay of Whales along with iconic historic and wildlife sites on Ross Island and the western coastline of the Ross Sea. It is also appropriate that we attempt to visit the remote Balleny Islands. These islands were discovered in 1839 by British Sealer John Balleny. The second sighting was by Sir James Clark Ross in 1841 and Robert Falcon Scott also called briefly at these islands in 1904. Subsequent visits to these islands have been rare. Apart from the obvious historic and geographical interest, this region has one of the highest concentrations of the Greater Snow Petrel Pagodroma nivea in Antarctica.

Visiting regions:

  • Antarctica East (claimed by Australia, NZ, France, Norway)


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