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Wojciech Fedoruk

Wojciech Fedoruk

Poland Poland Age 34

Member since 13/06/2012

Greetings to you all best travellers!

I was one of the first users of this site amongst some great travellers. I devoted plenty of time to develop some aspects of TBT, including translating the site into Polish. I was invited to be a member of TBT Executive Committee since its beginning and was nominated its Vice President since May 2015.

IMPORTANT NOTE Even if TBT allows a 'minimal visit', I think travelling to a region just to visit the airport, train or bus station etc. is senseless and sometimes even morally doubtful. There are much more valuable things to spend money on than, say, taking a plane to Nauru and immediately going back on the same plane, without any try to familiarize with this island but in order to collect one more point in TBT/MTP/TCC club. Unfortunately, I am afraid many top travellers of this and other clubs apply this senseless way of travelling. Although I marked some regions as visited minimally, I have been there transiting to another regions, so I did not travel there with intention to visit it minimally. Of course eventually I would come back to these regions to visit them properly.

I started my travelling rather late and my first foreign trip was at the age of 17. Then I practically lost my best time to travel during my university studies. I seriously started travelling after graduation, but my first trip was really epic - from Warsaw to Yakutsk in Siberia by land. Since then I try to have at least one longer trip in a year, unfortunately being limited by the number of vacation days. I mostly travel with my wife, son and daughter, since they were three months old.

I want to travel all over the world but I am particularly interested in the polar regions. My biggest dream is to visit all Arctic archipelagoes and reach the North Pole. Of course I don't want to neglect the Antarctic, but it may be a bit more difficult as it's much more distant from Poland.

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Poland – Great Poland, Kuyavia, Lubusz (Poznań, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Zielona Góra) Poland – Great Poland, Kuyavia, Lubusz (Poznań, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Zielona Góra) 01/01/1998 19/08/2012 WORKED HERE
Poland – Lesser Poland and Subcarpathia (Kraków, Rzeszów) Poland – Lesser Poland and Subcarpathia (Kraków, Rzeszów) 01/01/1998 03/05/2008 WORKED HERE
Poland – Mazovia (Warsaw, Radom), Łódź, Lublin, Świętokrzyskie (Kielce) Poland – Mazovia (Warsaw, Radom), Łódź, Lublin, Świętokrzyskie (Kielce) 01/01/1998 01/01/1998 LIVED HERE
Poland – Pomerania, Westpomerania (Gdańsk, Szczecin) Poland – Pomerania, Westpomerania (Gdańsk, Szczecin) 01/01/1998 01/01/1998 WORKED HERE
Poland – Silesia, Lower Silesia, Opole (Katowice, Wrocław, Częstochowa) Poland – Silesia, Lower Silesia, Opole (Katowice, Wrocław, Częstochowa) 01/01/1998 15/09/2000 WORKED HERE
Poland – Warmia-Mazuria, Podlaskie (Olsztyn, Białystok) Poland – Warmia-Mazuria, Podlaskie (Olsztyn, Białystok) 01/01/1998 01/01/1998 WORKED HERE

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