Turkey, Lebanon

Travel dates:

22/02/1975 - 03/03/1975

Trip Description:

After spending 4 days in Istanbul playing in and reliving my playground when I was 11 & 12 and I also visited Yalova and found the apartment we lived in '63-'64. Upon leaving Istanbul I flew to Beirut to find my good friend and college roommate John, who was teaching at the International College in Meshref, Lebanon.<br /> Upon landing, I went to the IC campus location in Beirut, which is next to AUB, American University of Beirut. While looking for someone to tell me how to get to the Meshref IC campus, I unbelievably stumbled into Jay, John;s brother who was also visiting John. John was right there attending a workshop, so when he came out of the workshop, there I was! Spent a great 10 days there, swimming in the Med to snow skiing in the mountains (all in the same day), and eating so much wonderful Lebanese food and drinking plenty of Al-Maza (the diamond) beer. It is now time for me to start my last leg of this trip.

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