Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Islamic Republic of Iran

Travel dates:

03/03/1975 - 04/03/1975

Trip Description:

I flew from Beirut to Dubai on MEA, where I had a very long lay over. Then late at night we flew to Kuwait on Air Kuwait where I spent the night in the transit lounge. The following morning I got an Iran Air flight to Abadan and from there to Isfahan. When I landed in Isfahan and collected my backpack and guitar and saw an American in a flight suit and a BHI hat. As dad worked for BHI and was a flight instructor, I asked the guy if he knew Bill Taylor. He said yes, I said I am his son and he has no idea that I am in Isfahan and asked if he could take me to his office. The guy agreed, got me on the Iranian Air Force Helicopter base where dad worked and dropped me off at dad's office. Luckily he was there, and boy was he surprised...shocked maybe is more like it. Both dad and mom only knew that I was traveling and would be in Iran sometime in March. So dad took me to his and moms apt,. and we just waited for her to come home so that I could surprise her too! It was a great reunion and I knew I was about to enter a very exciting phase of my life...

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