An explanation of verification system

The verification system is our way of ensuring that travellers’ claims of their regions and countries visited are true. While we take our members’ claims as real, experience has shown that certain people tend to exaggerate their travels, either deliberately or through haste and error.

There are two levels of verification: one of UN countries, which is simpler to conduct, and one for the entirety of TBT regions, which is obviously more complicated.

Verification is voluntary for all members who have less than 500 TBT points. For those above 500 points, we request verification for the UN level; and strongly suggest verification for TBT regions as well. In the event that we suspect that a member has exaggerated regions, we may be forced to suspend their profile until verification has been achieved.

The process is simple – a random selection of 20 UN countries is taken for the UN level; and 60 TBT regions for the TBT level. Travellers can use varied forms of proof. Passport entry/exit stamps are the most acceptable. However, we also accept boarding cards, bus/train tickets as well as photographs in some cases. For the UN level, a traveler must prove 19 out of 20 to pass. For the regional level, diaries, witness proof or interviews with a traveler may also be used; for this level the pass is 56 out of 60, of which 45 regions need to be ‘first class proof’. Nevertheless, given the wide variety of profiles, the process is adapted to the traveller in question.

Travellers who pass the verification get a badge next to their profile, one with the UN name, and one specially designed for TBT. We also believe that verified travelers benefit from no longer needing to ‘justify’ that their claims are true - verification by implies this.

Verified travellers are monitored and re-verification might be requested following a two-year period if there has been exceptional progress by a traveller which necessitates further scrutiny.

We contact all travellers with more than 500 points in our ranking. If you have not been contacted but wish to be verified, send a message to and a member of the team will get back to you soon.

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