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who has experience for Pan-America way? I am planning the route for 2019. See by blog http://destination2017.blogspot.com/


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Tiji festival, a biggest annual Buddhist festival celebrated in the heart of the lost Buddhist kingdom Lomanthang Nepal. 3 days monks' ceremonial is the feature of the Upper Mustang trek/tour besides that medieval culture of Mustangi, hidden cave, ancient Buddhist monasteries & plateau at the courtyard of Mount Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Massifs.


Dil Gurung #11494

Kanchenjunga trekking is solitude physical demanding trek which exposes world third highest peak, authentic eastern medieval culture, wildlife, snow leopard, unmatched leash landscape, thundering waterfall, and mountain massifs. The trail marked eastern Nepal border of India which lead over three alpine passes to touch south and north base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga. It is restricted wilderness trek where minimum 2 trekkers need to obtain Kanchenjunga base camp trek permits through Nepal government authorized trekking agency.
To know about the Kanchenjunga trekking kindly go through below links


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Where To Take Your Family On Holiday This Summer

The fast pace that is part of modern life can often make it hard to find time to appreciate time with your loved ones. It’s important to get your family holiday just right so that you can all spend time together and relax. But, where should you and your family go on holiday for a well deserved break?
Balearic Islands
The Spanish islands of Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca have a well-deserved reputation for fun, family friendly holidays. There are plenty of flights from numerous UK airports each week, so you’re sure to find a time to suit the whole family. Many families return annually thanks to the beautiful scenery, sunny weather and delicious local delicacies. Be sure to visit the elegant and metropolitan city of Palma, the beautiful beaches of Alcudia and the watersports and fun on offer in Ibiza.
Canary Islands
Families flock to Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote each year to enjoy the sun-soaked beaches and friendly towns. The Canary Islands is suited to families of all ages and has something for everyone, leaving all members of the family with smiles on their faces. Each island has its own unique personality. Fuerteventura is appealing to families who are looking for a quieter holiday, whereas Playa Blanca in Lanzarote and Los Cristianos in Tenerife are popular resorts for those with small children.
The Algarve
With huge beaches, reliable sunshine and plenty to do, the Algarve region of Portugal is a great place for families. There’s something for everyone here, sports fans will love the offering of golf courses and water sports, kids will love the waterparks and zoos and mums will enjoy relaxing in a luxury spa or by the sea. For a truly perfect experience, there are plenty of Algarve villas available to rent across the region, so you can enjoy spending time in your own pool and going about your day at your own pace.
Surely on everyone’s dream holiday list, Florida is the perfect holiday for families. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld and Universal Studios are big hits for many families heading to Florida, however, there is so much more to the Sunshine State than just theme parks. Once the children (and adults!) have laughed and raced their way around the big attractions, there are many more places to visit. There are beautiful, golden sand beaches to visit, as well as big, buzzing cities such as Miami to explore. Traveling around is easy with a hired car, and make multi-base trips easier to do.

Source: https://www.therealalgarve.com/


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I have just come back from travelling the world and oh my! I would do things differently if I had the opportunity to. The thing that I'd say that I missed the most of was the home comforts.

I didn't bring any of the essentials (i.e. UK snacks, comforters or anything like that) I've been living in hostels for a year, which is very fun but can get very old very quickly.

If you want to take my advice, then I would most certainly pack as much as you can in your backpack, or at least stay somewhere long enough for somebody to send you a care package. I finally settled for a month in Bali and it was nice to be able to get one sent over.

My advice would be to ask for things such as:

comforters / travelling pillows (my personal fave https://trtltravel.com)
socks and underwear
your favourite snacks
pictures of your family
an assortment of toiletries

This is the only way that you will be able to stay sane and feel like a normal person after months upon months of travelling!


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Friends, support the beginning channel about travelers with subscriptions, likes and comments under the video;)


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Statham in the only Township, the only district, Quang Nam province, about from the city of Danang 69 km ancient Chinese and about 20 km, is the complex includes many temples of Champa, in a Valley about 2 km in diameter surrounded by mountains and hills. This was where the religious organization of the Champa dynasty as well as the tomb of the Kings of Champa or Prince, the love. Statham is considered one of the Central Temple of Hinduism in Southeast Asia and is the only legacy of this category in Vietnam.

View more: https://tourindanangbestprice.com/tours/my-son-sanctuary-tour/my-son-sanctuary-daily-tour-1032.html


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In order to taka everything from our lifes and experience great adventure, I and 2 of my university friends have applied to Redbull ''Can you make it?'' It's international competition where almost all European countries are participating and not just European. In the main event the teams are placed in different European countries and in 7 days they need to get to Amsterdam. Without money or any help, only using red bull cans as a currency. On the way there are a lot of challenges and adventure full checkpoints.

But in order to get to main event we need your help. All you need to do is vote for our team THE HANGOVER If you already voted- Thanks! :) And please vote again (you can do it once in 24h) We can make it! :)


p.s. sorry if this is spam for you, but we really want to get to this trip, so we need your vote. ;)


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Short survey on travel,(just curious)


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Hello, my name is Guillermo, Serving as a Tour Guide for more than 20 years, handling tour projects, managing and planning trip development all around Venezuela as a personal and exclusive guide knowing how to tailor your needs.

Worked directly with Travelers and Providers in a consulting capacity throughout the full solution having completed many trips flawlessly solving unforeseen events with ease.

Background includes training in the security field learning to drive vehicles defensively with total domain of roads, location, best pass-through regions and understanding all around country people behavior.

Recognized for creativity, determination and ability to work and serve passengers from all over the world including "the best traveled" top 20 list.

let´s get in touch guillermo.zuloaga@aol.com

looking forward....GZ



Marcelle Simone Heller Hi Guillermo, I was wondering how safe it is to travel Venezuela?

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Active Holidays Slovenia - Activeholidays.si Get FREE customized holiday plans, FREE local tips and SPECIAL offers. All information in one place: Hiking trips, Slovenia hiking, Slovenia trekking. Get FREE customized holiday plans, FREE local tips and SPECIAL offers.



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Looking for Adventure holidays Slovenia? Activeholidays.si - Get FREE customized holiday plans, FREE local tips and SPECIAL offers.


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this site is no longer updated!!!!!!! join nomadmania.com. i found the original tbt site in september and now i've had to register again.
as someone who moderates a forum that had to move to a new domain... i know it's frustrating, but if you accidentally joined the old site, trust me, you have to join the new one.


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Hi... I am an new member and I travel for adventure and hiking. My portal is http://travelsandtrains.blogspot.gr


Marcel Hildenbrand #1476

New TBT Series unesco world heritage? I would be for it!



Marina Jevdokimova lol it already exists as a checklist, just not part of tbt

Marina Jevdokimova #3300

On the European cities list, Mogilev is inconsistent with the rest of Belarus. If you'd like to use the Belarusian transliteration it should be Mahilyov, just like Salihorsk rather than Soligorsk.



Marina Jevdokimova and "Novopolatsk" is a mess too, should be Navapolatsk (or Novopolotsk)

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Dịch vụ giúp việc nhà uy tín tại TPhcm
website: http://giupviecvietmy.com/dich-vu-giup-viec-gia-dinh/dich-vu-giup-viec-nha-an-o-lai


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My new travel portal - www.travelo.club. Try it for completing your travel map, travelogues, suggestions, flight diary, guides and more..



Thanh My Hello

Marina Jevdokimova #3300

why aren't there any islands listed for belarus? it's land-locked, but there's the island of tears in minsk, and the brest fortress is on an island too. there are also various random ones on lakes and rivers (most are hard to access, apart from one in vitebsk).

in russia, it would make sense to include one of st petersburg's islands, especially vasilyevsky. maybe also kaliningrad's kant island.


Marina Jevdokimova #3300

Series suggestions:
-more stadiums :P
-XL - Baltic sandspit in Russia and Curonian spit in Lithuania. Both are part of the Vistulan Bay, and can only be accessed from the country's mainland by sea. (the Russian part of the Baltic sandspit can't be accessed by land at all because the Polish border crosses it, and there's no proper checkpoint. It's also the most western part of Russia)
-experiences: drinking Kinnie (Malta), Kofola (Czechia/Slovakia), eating salmiakki licorice (Finland); stay at a botel, visit a church/chapel/prayer room at an airport (global)
-tentative WHS: the Venetian Republic defense line has been granted Unesco status, it's no longer tentative
-Lappeenranta (Finland) lacks a p (European cities list)
-museums: Aviation Museum (Vantaa, Finland), Alvar Aalto museum (Jyväskylä, Finland), Carelicum (Karelian culture museum in Joensuu, similar to Arktikum which is on the list)
-trains: Lev Tolstoy (Moscow to Helsinki, Russian train), Polonaise (Moscow to Warsaw, Polish train)
-castles: Sintra National Palace (Portugal), Lappeenranta Fortress (Finland)
-festivals: Tammerfest, Q-Stock, Kuopio RockCock (all in Finland)
-sights: Hundertwasserhaus (Vienna), Porvoo old town (Finland), Kotka sculpture promenade (Finland)



Marina Jevdokimova Jewish museum in Moscow too :)


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